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Tien, Oscar
Neon_Impulse2D is a hybrid action-adventure pinball RPG created in the Godot Engine version 3.5.2. This version of the game was created for a Capstone Project, a full demo is in development. It features multi-tiered boards with unique puzzles and fights along the way. It additionally features a perk tree system and unique mechanics for an entertaining, refreshing outlook on the classic game of pinball. In this capstone demo version, the player must navigate upwards through 2 separate levels of a multi-tiered board before reaching and defeating the boss at the end. The player will be able to choose from one of six randomly generated permanent perks in between levels, and will have access to 4 unique skills alongside a Nudge mechanic to further help them progress through the game.
Faculty: Faculty of Media & Creative Arts
Program: Game Programming (Advanced diploma)
Faculty Advisor: 
Bedi, Vishaal
Sabie, Dina
Type of Work: Capstone project