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Dust n' Deagles

Kuberski, Shane
Dust n' Deagles is a first person battle royale game built in Unreal Engine 4.27! This game is fully supported through steam sessions allowing you to create servers which your friends can join and play with whenever! The game features what you would expect out of a battle royale title, smooth gun animations, high level of detail for gun animations and post fx, equip able weapons and a inventory system for reloading, and don't forget about the iconic zone that all battle royale's would be empty without! This capstone project focuses on gun effects and diving into deep level of detail to make players feel more immersed within the game! My personal reason for picking this type of project was to focus on something I am not very good at; Networking!
Faculty: Faculty of Media & Creative Arts
Program: Game Programming (Advanced diploma)
Faculty Advisor: 
Bedi, Vishaal
Type of Work: Capstone project